Thursday, February 23, 2012

New SWV Video ...?

Look Inside: New SWV Video aka The Side Eye Felt Around The World

You all think SO little of me - I know damn well you clicked on this in full expectation of my reading SWV down. Mmmmhmmm, you expected copious comments on Taj's clear love affair with Mrs. Winners. You expected a heaping serving of side eyes directed at the Totally Hair Barbie weave action.

And naturally, you counted on open speculation about how low the RushCard balances had to get before this "situation" became an option.


Though yes, I do admit that the actors in this jammie could use some tips from The Africa Channel ... AND I admit that the fur vest had my eyebrow arched mightily ... I actually DO think this lil song is cute and they look pretty good!

That's not to say I didn't note the obvious - ie.
why is Coko singing romantically to her son
did she mean to say "wifey and some grandkids?"
was LeLee doing the grandma rock
why they didn't at least spritz these girls' joints with a lil WD40 before proppin' them up in front of the camera

And yes, fine, I'll admit that I mistook Taj and her power jowls for San Francisco 49r Delanie Walker.

But I declare, with Cynthia Bailey's Poetic InJustice braids as my witness, that's all the scattered, capped and smothered shade I have for this ditty!

See how I'm growing!

(and I will NOT ask whether LeLee is storing additional truck jewelry - you SAW IT - in her pouch, no matter how hard you press the issue...)