Thursday, December 16, 2010

Damn damn dammmmmmmmmmn: DMX gets a year

I was so busy pressing my edges, I didn't even notice we had another Negro soldier down.

DMX Gets One Year in Prison

(I will NOT talk about why his hair resembles the fur of a very well-loved teddy bear OR the James Evans hairline OR him suddenly being a Baby Boomer. You can't make me.)

Court officials in Arizona say the rapper known as DMX has had his probation revoked and is heading to prison for one year.
The Maricopa County Superior Court issued the ruling Thursday against the rapper, whose real name is Earl Simmons.

Is anybody seriously surprised by this? In addition to having caught the train to Irrelevancy Land years ago, he's obviously been divorced from his sanity since the '90s. You love him. You want a comeback. IT AIN'T HAPPENING. Negro's nuttier than a Whatchumacallit and deeply committed to Mission Self Destruct. Lauryn Hill syndrome. I might try it some day - it looks like fun, except for the whole becoming a mockery of your former self, losing your money and dying in pissy draws in a van down by the river in Cleveland part.

Former glory AKA "Can't nobody sang like Eddie Kane" game proper!

Think you gotta let it go - look like another (drug) TKO!


  1. What a mess! I cant believe he is even still alive! His system must look like a sewer in in Calcutta!

  2. ... and his hair looks like a backyard in the Congo