Monday, January 3, 2011

Queen Latifah gives Kate Middleton (that's the would-be queen of England or something) advice on being a royal

Mmmmhmmm. I DID bring that hat up.

For those of us not completely versed in the world of white people news, Prince Harry or Charles or whichever of Diana's two sons is getting married to one Kate Middletown, AKA some other immensely wealthy white person who has little to no relevance in my daily quests for hot sauce and pigs feet.

Where I DO become interested is the point at which Dana Owens decides to rely on her extensive first hand experience as a "royal" - cough stutter - to advise the young couple:

From NBC Los Angeles:

"Make sure you have a sanctuary, because everybody in the world is going to be in your business,” she advised to Middleton. "He happened to be born a prince; you happened to go to college and meet him. You're two kids who fell in love. I just hope you have a happy life. And don't take anything personally."

From her throne to your ears. I'm glad Dana had time to reflect on this in between the more important things in her life, namely, securing her pride season appearances and working on her line of extra wide shouldered, women's blazers.

I would say I hope she's touched by an angel soon, but I'll settle for her just not flipping another of those lamp shades onto her head in 2011.


  1. Hahaha....GREAT entry! Love the pic of the Queen too.

  2. Queen of the most beautiful women in the world!