Monday, January 10, 2011

Get that new Fox jawn right here! (you know you wanna hear it...)

In a few words: This. Ain't. It.

What kind of roving reporter would I be if I didn't bless my readers with a snippet of that hotly anticipated, BK raw, Machine Gun Kelly Fox Brown jawn! Hot fire, buck buck buck buck!

*takes long, exaggerated swig of chamomile tea*

That was so dope. She's about to go platinum just off of the clip.

Isn't there some sort of ghost or something that can come snatchin' these retired batches back into the '90s? Even this beat sounds like something that was pumpin' when I wore a training bra.

My ears are PISSED that they can't unhear this.

I have no more patience for Inga and Kim. I want the real shat. Something you can feel shat. I mean none other than the long anticipated MC Lyte comeback!

*and I don't mean that AT. ALL. *

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