Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Thank goodness they weren't black moment: Hammer vs. Stick robbery

Every now and again I come across a piece of fuggery and think to myself "Glory be, I'm so glad my cousins weren't involved!" This epic drama, sugarplums, is just such an item:

I'm sure if you're Mustafa dusting off old pantyhose and rearranging stale hotdogs on the third shift at Gas n Go, there ain't much funny about this. But for the rest of us this is the reason for the season indeed.

A few study questions:

- Why'd he come bursting through the door weilding that branch like a double shotty?
- Exactly how was the hammer going to be effective?
- How did he even GET that big ass miniature tree?
- Why the bags on the feet???

Jesus take the wheel.

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