Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Foxy Brown now getting sued! Code Poo Poo Brown issued in response

So many sammiches ago.

Alright, Inga, this nonsense is getting just as predictable as your Argentinian- hooker-caught-in-the-rain weave stunts.

HipHopWired says:
While Foxy Brown continues to prep her return to music, her former manager is lashing out against her with a $100,000 lawsuit.

Said manager goes on to make what is surely the first viable bid for understatement of 2011:

According to her ex-boss however Foxy just needs to get help for her “self destructive” behavior.

Meanwhile, Foxy brought on this latest Shamwow during a late-night Twitter tirade involving pork rinds, Hennessy and a lot of delusions:

In addition to calling out Brennan, Foxy also previously addressed rumors that her Christmas Massacre diss was aimed solely at Lil Kim and not Nicki Minaj saying,
“And contrary to the bulls--t that was posted…”Christmas Massacre” is NOT supporting homegirl and dissin' shorty! “Massacre” is the response to b*tches thinkin' its sweet insinuating my name in that beef! “Machine Gun Kelly” b*tch!! I am the streets! I aint' taking NO sides….FOX stand alone!"

I'm just gonna go ahead and issue an Anna Nicole Smith Alert, Code PooPoo Brown for this sister. That's the international alert for when a ninja is spinning out of control and fading away faster than Naomi Campbell's hairline. This alert has previously been issued for the likes of Lauryn Hill and Young MC*.

*I just wanted to toss Young MC out there for no particular reason.

I know I've previously called for prayer circles to be formed around the tatters of Inga's edges career, and placed more than one of her chronically stressed dresses on our sick and shut in list. But I want to go farther.

Yes. I am taking the unprecedented step of issuing an eclessiastical proclamation and a final call to arms to right the oceanliner that has become Foxy Brown. Christian soldiers, I implore you to meet me at the back of Foo Yah's Yaki Depot, on 123rd in Harlem by the chicken box shack, Friday morning. Bring crosses, armor, annointing oils and patience.

We're gonna get Foxy together!

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