Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Al Sharpton turns down Dancing With The Stars - Again (All kinds of shat wrong with this)

From TMZ:

Rev. Al Sharpton just turned down ANOTHER offer to join "Dancing with the Stars" ... but not because he's scared of the competition -- in fact, Al insists, "I've got moves ... I'D BLOW 'EM OUT!!"


I mean, I guess I never figured this dude for doing a mean G5 or crankin' dat solja boy or tearing it up on the "Hit Dat Hoe" so I had no idea he was being heavily courted by DWTS which, btw, I consider the dumbest shat ever. I don't care if Master P can dance! I wanna know when I'm gonna get more Mama Mia beats! (that was low) Anywho, there's video to allegedly prove Sharpton's James Brownesque skills.

At the risk of having the remaining corner of my black African-American negro of color membership card immediately shredded I'm gonna go ahead and say that I have never, EVER understood the obsession with James Brown dancing.

Seem like he's just shuffling his feet to me! Hell I can slide around in some hard bottoms - did that shat at Shoppers Food Warehouse the other day!


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