Monday, February 7, 2011

Fashion police moving violation #236: And I have no words for this

Stop. Pause. Quit.

Whatever you were doing can wait. Now is the time for you to bow down and acknowledge the majesty that is Nikki Minaj in her triple decker, Spanx approved high waisters (Form. Fit. Fuckery) with the Lingerie by Rainbow Honeymoon Delights bra. (Side note: I feel so bad for any tittay that ever has to wriggle into one of those awful ass Rainbow bras - you know, the ones that hang so pitifully near the "If you like Cool Water, you'll love Lukewarm Punch" display. I'm 90 percent certain they all smell like wet cardboard)

If this wasn't before 1993, everybody involved is going straight to hell, and I mean on a bullet train, TODAY.

I'm not blind dear readers. I see that "other" entity in the picture. However, my retina pigmentosa - not to mention my latent aneurysm - are both bound to be activated by any attempts to explain that loveseat ass and those Carnival Cruise pants.

See there, now my ears are ringing. I told you I couldn't talk about this shit today.

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