Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Chuck Brown Is Dead and Thangz

Godfather of Go-Go Chuck Brown is Dead; Ashes to Interred at Ben's Chili Bowl (I ain't shat for that...)

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Relax: Charlie Wilson is alive and sanging to women in large underwear across the Tidewater area.

No this jheri curl enthusiast, coonery ambassador and staunch opponent of lip moisturizing products (you see it!) is Chuck Brown - and he is currently performing his hit "Bustin' Loose" for jaysus - LIVE!

From USA Today:
Hailed as the "Godfather of Go-Go," Chuck Brown helped usher in a new sound of pulsing, beat-driven music from the D.C. area in the 1970s and '80s. Now, the go-go genre's biggest name is dead.
Tom Goldfogle, who managed Brown, 75, confirmed that the musician has passed away after suffering, in recent weeks, from poor health.

For the uninformed, this is the Father of GoGo - that colorful rythmic banging of drums and such that's been the official soundtrack of negro fuckshit in Washington DC for 30 years running. Think it doesn't matter? You're wrong - Maryland (the no. 1 exporter of errant negroes) valued this one so much state lawmakers honored him. In the state house. And did a dance. In said state house.

But you don't hear me though.

In addition to providing the theme music for countless backyard barbecues, spliff sessions and post-Icebox unplanned pregnancy scenarios, Chuck Brown was also an active fan of the formerly on-and-popping restaurant The Black Eyed Pea in glamorous Oxon Hill's Rivertowne Commons shopping center, where he spent many an evening comparing hair lines and plotting unacceptable old man antics with The Hostile Negress' very own father.

And I wish to sweet minty jaysus I was making that shat up.

Let us bow our heads and put in an extended pocket for the death of this original coonery producer. Details of my memorial Run Joe performance are forthcoming...

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