Sunday, May 20, 2012

Video Inside: White child dresses as MLK for school = Chile, bye.

Fugshat ensues after Dr. Martin Luther King costume is ill-received (extended sigh)

"I like black people - I don't want to be mean to them. It's just a costume!" - Errant caucasian dressed as Dr. Martin Luther King.

Could someone please direct me immediately to the hem of sweet White Jaysus's garment? I need something to cling to during times like this.
 Lawd knows, this type of foolishness is happening far too often for there not to be some type of card we can tuck in the mail, along the lines of "On the occasion of your #BlackFaceFail..." 

 Hallmark, are you listening? 

We can't really blame the child for this - I mean, after all, I'm sure I'm not the only one getting a slight Corky tea from little Jedidiah (putting those words together seemed realllll challenging for him. *cue Tetris music*) so I don't imagine he could ever have divined that his boo-boo face Dr. Martin Luther King antics would be ill-received.

But his parents - two GROWN ASS ADULTS - slathered his face in doo-doo brown shoe polish, zipped him into a Steve Harvey Halloween costume and sent his lil ass to school with NO INLKING there could be blood?

Really bitch?
The fact that this is being lauded as a Rosa Parks moment (Dad: "He's proud of what he did!") is an entirely separate crisis which I'll refer to the NAACP. But let's really get down into the more pressing issue:
Does he look more like>
  or      ????????????????????????????????
Either way, I absolutely don't recall Dr. Martin Luther King rockin' a double wide mustache...


  1. Girl, you are silarious. Where do you get this stuff from? My goodness! We miss you! Love your up north fans

    1. Identify yourself! lol I know this is you Angel lolol

  2. Girl, how did his parents think that this was a good idea?? Did we learn nothing from Ted Danson??? Foolishness!