Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Meagan Good wants to play Whitney Houston (Kleenex available)

From Necole Bitchie

Let me just come out of the closet in saying that I absolutely have stood by Meagan Good through all of her many, MANY fashion missteps, errant hairstyles and tragic "acting." Why? Because I believe in my heart that she is simply a bad, bad batch and will one day inherit my pancake goddess crown.

But this sheat right chea? I mean, when you start talking about wanting to play Whitney Houston in a biopic? I just about spit my bland ass McDonald's oatmeal out, Three Stooges style (side note: Don't buy that shat. Ever.)

From an upcoming Vibe interview care of Necole Bitchie:

I’m kind of coming to the acceptance that [playing Aaliyah] maybe that might not happen.

You know I'm gonna go ahead and stop right there. Because as much as I love that heau, Aliyah tweren't nobody to be dreaming of playing. Hell, the batch was only alive for 21 years and spent half of that being lambasted as R-Kelly's potentially cross eyed nutsac minder. REAL. TALK.

Oh but there's more.

Right now, I’m focused on doing Whitney Houston’s life story. That’s my personal dream role. I grew up with Ray J. I know a lot of people that know her. I think it’s something that can definitely be a realization should I sit down with her and start developing it. Even though I know her story’s definitely not done by any means, I think what she’s already been through and to come out on the other side is a story all in itself.

Girl stop the world's rotation right. this. INSTANT. Booming Wizard of Oz-like laugh.

And there you have it. Somewhere, someone truly let this child of god down. When your goal is to play Whitney Houston - a role that will almost certainly involve diving into a piling of white powder or falling head first from a stage, I mean, there's really nothing else that can be said.

No. No I'm not going to leave it at that. If Tatiana Ali can be resurrected from the depths of 1991 to have that tired ass "Look what I can do with Sony Vegas 9" TV show (show in airquotes) then we can get Megan a job.

Who will join me in this today? I'm talkin' full on - rallies, prayer circles and possibly heading down to Alabama for a march across the Pettus bridge. We can't allow this!

First they came for Chipotle and we said nothing. Then they came for Meagan Good and we said nothing. What's next?????

Put down those pig's feet and DO SOMETHING!

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