Thursday, February 24, 2011

Be concerned: Oral sex=oral cancer, Bobby Brown is back and Michael's kids are already startin' it up!

Around the web:

CBS says Oral Sex causing cancer
Fortunately, I stopped having sex of all varieties back in the late '70s, but Superhead and this girl named Neeka from 'round the way should proooobably start getting their affairs in order...

Rihanna skipped event to spare “vocal chords”
*drops to knees* Please, please lawdy lawd, don't let anything happen to Rihanna's vocal chords!!!

Bobby Brown and Bobby Valentino perform
Well Jaysus, I didn't even realize Bobby V had remade Bobby Brown's "Rock Wit'Chu" ... or that he was still around ... or that Bobby Brown was still around...

Willow Smith had a party and you weren't invited
That BETCH! This isn't over. By far. To the Fortress of Solitude!

Michael's children want to follow in dad's footsteps
Alls I'm saying is that one of them is 14, suckin' his thumb, speaking in monosyllables and refering to himself as Blanket. I suspect he's well on his way to Jackson glory. I'm at a loss for what these children's employment options will be other than some form of bizarre reclusivity. Maybe Ja Rule can get them on at Cinnabon after all! Nah, he never could get the icing right.

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