Friday, February 18, 2011

Kosher beef between two rappers - Drake and other Jew rapper fighting about being Jewish enough

From CNN

Why won't people just let me live in peace? I'm busy providing for my family of nonopulets on the pole, slangin' this dope, hatin' on hoes and offering 'round the clock coverage of LilKimPocolypse and ninjas wanna toss THIS in there?

Meanwhile, I don't understand why Drake's completely Lil Wayne doppelganger routine goes unchecked. I mean, can I TELL you how many times I said "Awwww yeah boeeeeey that Wayne jawn is fire" only to find out it was Schlomo, or whatever this ninja is calling himself?

Whatever. Who got beef???

From CNN:
In a new interview with TMZ, reggae rapper Matisyahu disses Drake as not being true to his roots.
"He's Jewish, but he's not representing Judaism," says the artist formerly known as Matthew Paul Miller.

Please don't let this devolve to a yarmulke-off.

"He happens to be Jewish, just like Bob Dylan happens to be Jewish, just like anyone happens to be Jewish. What I'm doing is really tapping into my roots and culture and trying to blend that with mainstream society and culture. So his being Jewish is just a byproduct, really. He's not representing that."

Hayle yeah son. He ain't representin' them streets mane. What he know about standing on them Brooklyn corners at 5 a.m., pushin' them dreidels so Nana can have some matza on the table????? What he know about having to celebrate Hannukah on Riker's Island????

While it appears Matisyahu may not be down with Drake's Jewishness, he does admit that he admires his talent.
"Drake is pretty good, man. He's got his thing but it's different than what I do. It's a different type of thing. As an MC, he's got me," he told TMZ. But he adds, "He doesn't have the reggae thing that I've got."

ERRRRRP. Wait a second. Did you just do a backup and U-turn it? Was this a bit of a stunt? *cancel the Hasidic lynch mob*

Replace with sad banana face.

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