Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tyler Perry's latest missive against the Negreaux AKA More Madea!

And this is why we as a people can't get ahead.

At some point, the estate of Weezy Jefferson is gonna want some guap for the repeated and unauthorized use of her figure for this character. Real talk.

Now, having met Mr. Perry, far be it from me to imply that the man is gay. Sure he spends a LOT of time in dresses. Don't we all? Sure, he seems to enjoy donning fake breasts with some level of frequency. Don't we all?

His transgression is not being a closeted rainbow tribal priest (closeted used lightly...) No, his transgression is being a purveyor of monkey antics.

But hell, with the Wayans brothers out of commission, somebody's gotta do it.

Will you see another Madea film? I mean, I'm there no doubt. But I'm just askin what YOUR plans are!

*harlem shakin' That's why there's Madea! That's why there's Madeaaaaa!*

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