Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Hostile Negress Defines: Blackout (When A Negress Is Fed Up!)

BLACKOUT: The inevitable moment in a black, African-American, negro, person-of-color's life in which a person (often beige) crosses The Line, resulting in an epic ass-whooping, a string of profanity or some other profoundly uncomfortable moment of cultural dissonance typically ending with somebody's wig on sideways. So-called due to the verbal action of "blacking out" as well as the noun-like action of "blacking out" - as in passing out and awakening to find oneself clutching some errant batch's scalp.

Also refered to by some as a "nigga moment"

Examples -
Taquisha: Girl what happened between you and Megan? I noticed those endless nostril flares you've been giving her today.
Shante: Girl BYE, that batch raised her voice at me, tal'm 'bout, "Why isn't the coffee hot?" I blacked the FUG out on her, windmillin' all the way, or so they tell me. I just know she won't look me in the eye and I suddenly have a new brooch."

Situations that can lead to blackouts:
-Asking to touch a negress' hair
-Asking a negress to brush your hair
-Giving a negress the side eye

This was brought to you by the letter H. For hostile. But you knew that.

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  1. i absolutely hate that commercial. but that screen shot is THE face