Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Man accidentally kills wife (after he wrote a letter about killing her) behind STD

I'm gonna spare you the suspense and say from the jump:

Dude didn't have The Clap after all.

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From The Baltimore Sun:
Four days before Cleaven L. Williams Jr. stabbed his wife seven times on a Baltimore street, he wrote a letter outlining plans to kill her, according to testimony he gave in court Monday.

"I figured that I had a [sexually transmitted disease] and I contracted it from my wife," Williams said, explaining that he wrote the undelivered letter because he was upset. "I write a lot, that's my vent."

Ummmmm yeah. I write a lot too. Grocery lists. Journal entries. But in terms of writing letters about killing my (in)significant other for giving me The Clap, I've managed to keep those down to a minimum.

Williams is charged with murder in the death of his wife, Veronica Williams, who received a restraining order against him moments before he attacked her in front of several witnesses on North Avenue on Nov. 17, 2008. She died three days later.

Well damn. I mean. Damn!

He also acknowledged that he was the attacker, however, saying that when he came to, he saw that they were "both lying in the street. … I realized that I stabbed her."

Oh well then shit, this guy is totally innocent! Can I tell you how many times THAT actually has happened to me? I woke up in the middle of downtown Baltimore, near Lexington Market, covered in blood and realized I had stabbed quite a few people actually. Luckily, Saiontz and Kirk and them helped me out but sheesh, talk about a bad case of the Mondays!

PS: I'm gonna reckon that naming someone "Cleaven" is pretty much ensuring that sooner or later, they're gonna have an unfortunate knife-type incident.

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