Friday, December 31, 2010

Foxy Brown diss album moved up! I know I'll be in line!


Please add that dress to our sick and shut in list.

Hot off the presses:

With the song still unheard, has learned that Foxy Brown is expected to release her Lil' Kim diss on another holiday - New Year's Day. The song is said to be called "U Ain't Ruff Enough," and features Lower East Side, New York emcee Rekage.

I don't know that there's anything else that needs to be said on that note.

I know what you're saying - I mean, after you recomposed yourself upon learning that Santa DOES exist after all, and readying a spot in your prized cassette tape tower for the Foxy Brown single you'll be coppin' from Waxie Maxie's tomorrow (I mean, hell, let's go ALL the way back in time...). You're thinking: THN never lets up on the Foxy Hound. Well you know what? You're right.

You may be a shiftless sofa jockey who wants nothing more than a pineapple soda and paternity results from Maury, but I am a serious journalist who is documenting one of the most important stories of our time - the loss of our historic hip hop scalawags.

Where's my Pulitzer?

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