Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Realness: Have you ever told someone you just didn't like their ass?

"If ya don't like the batch, snatch her wig off and toss it in her lap!"

Though I wish I could, I can't take credit for the above spark of brilliance - that goes to Freshalina, maven of Crunk and Disorderly and an icon of fuggery that I can only aspire to. But isn't it so true??? If only we could solve all our problems that way.

On to the Friday Realness Question of the Day (presented at 9 a.m. sharp CPT, which is apparently 4 p.m. Eastern)

Have you ever just told someone you didn't like them - straight up, no chaser, to their face, Do. Not. Want??? How'd they respond?

I'll be waiting patiently for the hoard of commentors to send their responses (sarcaaaaasm).

Meanwhile, get on into the slow mo wig snatch. In. The. NAME.

(Of course normally I would use this as an excuse to post up the trans beauty queen getting her peluca snatched for the gods in Brazil somewhere by the world's most evil runner up *two snaps in a circle* but I'm saving that for a rainy day)

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