Saturday, December 11, 2010

Racist cupcake commercial raises questions

Dear White People:

I'm pullin' so hard for you all. I want this reconcilliation thing to happen. Being hostile all the time is exhausting. I thought we might be united via Justin Beiber. Then you go and pull a stunt like this.

And sully the name of cupcakes too?

Food manufacturer Duncan Hines has found itself in some hot water with a promo for their microwaveable Amazing Glazes. The ad in question was called 'Hip-Hop Cupcakes' and features a set of vanilla cupcakes that get topped with a chocolate glaze and then morph into cartoon characters that clearly resemble racist minstrel imagery.


  1. WTF? and i bet they say they didn't know it was offensive, too

  2. I'm just sayin' why can't they be devil's food cake cupcakes? Why they gotta be lightskinned?

  3. WTF is right are they freakin serious????