Tuesday, December 14, 2010

S.C. Secession Ball Stirs Controversy AKA Secess Jam 2011 comin' to YOUR town!

Yaaaaaassss. This. Right. Here. PLEASE let me do the flyers.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans plan to hold a $100-per-person "Secession Ball" on Dec. 20 in Gaillard Municipal Auditorium. It will feature a play highlighting key moments from the signing of South Carolina's Ordinance of Secession 150 years ago, an act that severed the state's ties to the Union and put the nation on the path to the Civil War.

I'll let you dig up the part where they discuss the playing of "Dixie" which, sidepoint, is my ring tone.

Uh oh, here come the blacks starting up trouble:

NAACP members and supporters plan to hold a peaceful march in downtown Charleston the day of the ball, on Dec. 20, followed by a meeting and question-and-answer session focusing on slavery. Participants will watch segments of “Birth of a Nation,” a 1915 silent film that portrayed Ku Klux Klan members as heroes.

The Blacks are always being so touchy! This is that one or two bad blacks that strip club owner was tal'm 'bout earlier today. You know, the one who put up the "No Negro's" sign? He probably just wanted to have his own Secess Ball and The Black shut him down.

Why won't you let outrageous crackers be great?? Seriously, having live in La South for the past five years, I feel confident in saying that this type of antic is probably unfolding in a lot more places tha you want to think.

I don't know about you, but I already know what I'm wearing (hint: Red checked aprons are the new Little Black Dress)

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