Thursday, December 16, 2010

Long sigh: Brothers in Ohio Fight Over Chicken

Judge not lest ye be judged: Who among us hasn't thrown a bow over an extra crispy thigh?? Read this and find yourself quickly enraptured in a dramatic tale of family strife (spoiler: The mom and her trifling ways are COMPLETELY to blame for the stitches and short term memory loss this poultry pounding surely triggered...)

An Akron man suffered severe head injuries after police said he was attacked by his brother, who wielded a crowbar during a fight ignited over a half-eaten piece of fried chicken.
A warrant was issued Sunday for Tony Morris, 37, of Akron. He is charged with felonious assault, domestic violence and menacing. Police say they were called to a home on Wildwood Avenue where the men were visiting their mother Sunday afternoon. The brothers were watching TV in separate rooms when Thomas Morris, 41, said a piece of chicken was tossed in his direction.

OK I'm also guilty of tossing a half-eaten leg into a crowd before, you know, just to see how quickly folks would scatter.

The mother, 57, who admitted she ate the chicken, called 911. Before leaving, Tony Morris threatened to return with a gun and shoot his brother, police said. Thomas Morris was taken to a local hospital.

And the culprit is discovered. ALL. HER. FAULT. Now the man can't remember to wear his draws on the inside, not the outside of his pants - all because you had to sample the viddles.

*damn Gina, are you happy now?? *

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