Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And now, this ... racial double take of the day

Just when you thought the Washington City Paper had it together. Just when you're settling in with a warm cup of cocoa and your slippers are tickling the soles of your weary feet just so and your beloved hound looks at you wistfully from in front of the crackling fire and you slip on your reading glasses to peruse an article on beloved Washington Post black commentator Courtland Milloy. That's when you see THIS boondoggle:

Milloy listens raptly, wrinkles deepening. A handsome, straight-featured black man, he shows no hint of writerly condescension as he works a room full of all those ordinary citizens that media strategists are so perpetually keen on reaching.

Who put what on the why now?? What does "straight-featured" mean WCP??? What. Does. It. Mean? Straight-featured as in he has the presumed features of a "straight" man? Like he wears a lot of Brut and likes to mow the lawn?

Because I just KNOW we're not implying wonderment at the fact that this man doesn't have a bell pepper nose and hair reminiscent of desert underbrush!

WCP - FAIL!!!!!!

2 Hostile Negress tickets and a copious serving of week old chitterlings.

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