Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Soul 4 Real to Perform at Atlanta Prom; Also scheduled: Several unplanned, over 40 pregnancies...

Were you too busy being high/knocked up/imprisoned/one of Rick James' bottom-rung hoes to attend your prom? I know your pain - I was at Bodrow's Mac and Stack Shack (a combo salon and barbecued ribbery...)getting my stack curls together and damned if I didn't miss my ride to "Midnight Love: Let Me Ride That Donkey C/O 88!"

Oh the pain I have lived with!

Well rejoice dear readers - a new event will fill the void:

That one sister really should wake her tittays up for the party. Then again, looks like the poor guys are all tuckered out and sleeping soundly...

Not ready to dust off your Atlanta Hawks jersey evening dress with matching Nike flave stilettos yet? I figured it might be hard to convince the jaded likes of an angry negro wench such as yourself! Feast your eyes on THIS tasty treat and tell me you won't be pumpin' off to "Endless Ratchetry 2011" faster than one can say Greenbriar Mall shopping spree:


Multi-Platinum Recording Group
Soul For Real

will be performing their hit song "Candy Rain"
at The Atlanta PROM

Nostril Powers ACTIVAAAAATE!!!!

1994 was a very good year...

$10 and a set of Coretta Scott King's old sponge rollers (I see you EH!)says the pics on that flyer are photoshopped versions of their mugshots. Looks like an ad for Feed Our Former Child Stars. Gary Coleman JUST missed that opportunity!

Just 25 cents a day will provide these young men with a warm pair of Fubu jeans and a bean burrito to keep them full. Won't you prevent them from a life working at Cactus Car Wash???

Ashe boo. Ashe.

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  1. im from london i used to love this song!!!!!!!!!!