Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Lesbian charged after beating partner with strap on penis/dildo

Police: Lesbian couple argued before dildo domestic violence (doves crying)

When I tell you nights like this I wish raindrops would fall...

First of all, Georgia folks, you can relax: This is some bonafide Florida Fuggery, so you're off the hook this time. Second of all, Popeye's I need you to screen your employees better! If this sister is laying her Ike Turner smack down with the silicon sausage, I have some SERIOUS questions about what she might be doing with the extra crispy drums.

You'd better stop and think about it!

No word on how this War of the Roses broke out in the report but honestly, take one look at that hairline and ask yourself if there's any doubt: Batches were fighting over Beyonce weave. Bookika came home and found her best wet and wavy snatched off the wig stand and the big payback went down! According to the police report, somebody was chased out of the house with a knife. Then the facts get fuzzy.

From the The Smoking Gun:

"I then spoke with Ms. Taylor who advised that she did not chase Ms. Cadet with a knife and that the only thing she threw at Ms. Cadet trying to strike her was a female sex toy (Strap On Penis).

Slow. Motion. Wall. Slide. To. HELL.

The best part:

"The sex toy was located across the street in the yard of another residence." (Neighbor: Now I keep this batches!!

Now I don't participate in sapphistry and clitcraft - I only watch! - however, while mediating a lesbun session once, I did catch a silicon shaft to the knee. Said knee was fugged up for a week, babay! It was naught the business - so I understand why the police felt the need to cart her off to (Lady) Oz. That was a 9/11-level assault!

Meanwhile, something tells me Da Brat the Gorgeous Ladies of Beyond Scared Straight will have some harsh words for her in the lock up. They've been crafting love guns from scotch tape and tampons since '88 and you're wasting perfectly good dildos???

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Oh, you just got caught up boo.

chowchilla female inmate

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