Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Today's Sadness Sammich...

Christopher "Kid" Reid Arrested, Video Link (and sadness sammich) Inside

Christopher Kid Reid, Christopher Reid, rapper, Kid-n-play, Roots

Jaysus be a cozy tanning bed and a gang of Banana Boat extra bronze, sun-baked goodness tanning oil.

Apparently Powder / The Ghost of Rap Careers Past / Batman villain "Hyperwhite" /Christopher "Kid" Reid, of Kid-n-Play fame (involuntary bowel movement - pardon me) has gone the route so well beaten by the likes of Tupac, Ja Rule, DMX, Gucci Mane (and lips), T.I. etc. -- HE'S ALL UP IN THE JAILY JAIL!!!

From TMZ:

Christopher "Kid" Reid was snatched from the bathroom of the Y, where he currently resides arrested at his home because of what he called "some messed up paperwork at the LAPD." TMZ reports the 47-the-hard-way-year-old was taken into custody ... stemming from a DUI from last year. Bail was set at $26.


Oh wait ... my advisors tell me it's actually $26,000. Awwww shiggity. It's a wrap. He might as well start suckin' up Fleets and preparing his rectal muscles right now.

Lawd jaysus why are they takin' all our great negro scribes!!!! Say it with me now:

florida evans damn damn damn gif Pictures, Images and Photos
Damn, damn, DAAAAMMMMMN!


Kid was popped for driving under the influence on July 8, 2010 with a blood alcohol level of .15. He pled no contest and got 3 years probation ... it appears that he failed to show up in of the judge on two different occasions when he was supposed to prove he'd completed probation. Thus, the warrant was issued.

Though my pupils may not be as beige as Tahari Henson's, I too would like testify before the court. Judge, I implore you, consider all Christopher "Kid" Reid has been through. The man spent damn near a decade with the nappy equivalent of World Trade Center Tower 2 as his sole source of income. He had to wear this:
Kid-n-Play, Christopher Reid, Christopher Martin, Christopher Kid Reid, Christopher Play Martin

annnnnnd he's had to live down legendary and illicit fuckshit such as this:

(girl, the shoe.)


This is not your average Auntie Anne's Pretzel slinger (Ja Rule) or chapstick violator (Gucci Mane) here. This is one of our historic icons of fuggery - we MUST preserve him!

PS: TVOne, what's really going on -

WHERE'S KID'S UNSUNG EPISODE??? Respect the original throne!

(rides off into sunset on NeNe Leakes' backup broom)

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