Thursday, August 18, 2011

Black woman author has book about ... Girl, just look at the picture and the Youtube!

I Want My Vagina Back book cover, black women
I'm just gonna go ahead and let the beat rock on this one.

I mean, I recognize how appropriate it would be to make a "Not Without My Vagina!" joke, and outpoint that my snatch has been on the side of a High's milk carton since the late '70s. I could also wax poetic on how this book only confirms that black women are men (that space between their legs? Full of broken promises and a pouch of chawing tobacco...)

But none of that is really appropriate at this time. Indeed

sometimes it's best to just stand in grace and let the spirit quietly work its miracles on you.

There's a related event that I decline to go into, and there's a YouTube video as well. If you don't love yourself, your parents or your country, just go ahead and click.

I'll be over here waving my clutched fist in the air and rocking side to side while humming a negro spiritual about "gettin' over."

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