Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Today in White Coonery: Kotex to design "couture" pads. (Cooch stylists rejoice!)

Dear Life:

I quit you.

THN (smooches!)

From the Den of Fuckery:

U by Kotex looks to one-up its iconoclastic rollout of 2010 by hiring a big-name stylist for the introduction of new haute sanitary pads -- and enlisting girls and women to design their own.

And THEN it gets a little ridiculous:

TV ads behind the campaign from Ogilvy & Mather, New York, show young women, put off by a dull ad for a bland, white sanitary pad on the side of a building, taking up spray paint and brushes to create a "Take a Stand Against Bland" mural over it.

Got+damn=This. Seriously, these are end times. I mean, whatever happened to the days of just stuffing a roll of Quilted Northern in your draws and keepin' it movin'?

Whatevs. My cooch wants NATHAN to do with this ... wait...she's texting me ... she says if she can get one with mud flaps, lace detailing and a Juicy charm she's down.

She's so banjee.

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