Monday, April 4, 2011

The CNN Takedown Folo - AKA "Shit just got real son!"

In case you were too busy re-upholstering your nads or whatEVER it is you do with your free time to notice, 'round about last week, a certain angry tanned goddess-like creature single handedly attempted to shade CNN into submission for its negro news efforts (or lack thereof).

From Racialicious:

... is it truly a laughing matter? Why is it that CNN, arguably the world’s most recognizable cable news network, seems unable to produce timely, on-trend stories about black America? Is it really funny that a network able to pirouette through major international stories fumbles over covering one of the nation’s most visible minorities, producing mostly stereotype-based eyebrow raisers in the process?

Recent headlines include:

•Does the black church keep black women single? (August 2010)
•Black preachers who whoop: Ministers or minstrels? (October 2010)
•Held as slaves, now free (A December 2010 article about hair braiders)

Now, I'm not saying I know this author. But she strikes me as highly talented and almost CERTAINLY a very stylish individual.

*insert Phaedra-style MMMMMHMMMMMMMMM*

Anywho, all hell has since broken loose! Commentors are going to bat for their Latina Negro News Griot Soledad O'Brien, posting highly misguided original comments such as:

Expand "The network rolls out Soledad O’Brien on a handcart, to the chagrin of some black journalists who question why a Latina-appearing, biracial woman would become the network’s patron saint of Negro news."

So, would those reports be better if a darker skinned and/or monoracial Black person was doing them?

Is the issue here the content of these reports - or O'Brien's ethnic background?

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww shiggity wiggity now! Do NOT FUG WITH THE O'BRIEN JUICE CREW BOO BOO! They slice batches faces and stomp on them in stillettos- YOU DON'T KNOW NA'ER NEWS ORGANIZATION!!!!!!

That Walker chick is out of line anyway. Who is SHE to challenge The C to the N to the N??? I have a mind to call that whore up ... OH SHIT CNN HAS A HIP HOP CHURCH VIDEO UP!

Gotta go! *Sambo dances into the sunset*

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