Monday, March 21, 2011

The Hostile Negress Defines: "Craccent" (or Crackcent if you're nasty!)

CRACCENT (or CRACKCENT in northern regions): Refers to the dry, crackly, echo-filled, husk of a voice of a former crackhead which lingers regardless of how long the person has been clean. Think of a person gargling with glass, smoking a box of Black-n-Milds, going to sleep for eight hours, waking up and then immediately yelling through a megaphone in backwards Romanian. Often carries a vaguely echo-like quality (think Wizard of Oz) resulting from the user having smoked their entire lung setup clean away and a scratchiness reminscent of speaking on a really bad cell phone or a Bluetooth. Subject may last have smoked in the 1970s, since giving their life to jaysus, snatching up a job at the local clinic and sporting a side part and sensible slingbacks. Yet the moment the person opens their mouth you know they spent some time gettin' "beamed up" if you know what I mean. Often incomprehensible and always loud.

Well-known craccent sufferers include Samuel L. Jackson, Frankie Cole and Jim Jones' moms. See video.

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